Top Reasons Why Custom Gold Ring For Women Is A Trend

Are you in search for a perfect bridal and engagement gold ring but unable to find it? Well, no worries. Now you can create your own ring just the way you desire.

Customized jewelry has always been the best one since it contains the uniqueness and a sense that it is the piece of jewelry that does not have any other duplicate or similar article. And it is only possessed by you.

But individual uniqueness comes with a price. If you are on a budget yet want to have an exclusive wedding or engagement ring, here are some guidelines.

The beauty of a custom gold ring

Before discussing how to get a customized ring, let’s discuss why do you need to buy a customized ring. Either it is about you, selecting a ring for yourself, or you want to surprise your beloved lady if you meant to purchase a ring, rather than picking up a design from the jewelry store, get it custom done for you. Still, thinking why? Well, here is the answer.

Women are so possessive about their things like clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, and other stuff. They are also a little mean in the sense that they don’t want to see the same jewelry or other things on any other woman. It will be an embarrassment for a woman if her guy gifts the same gold ring that her friend’s husband gifted her. Every woman wants to be the best and most unique in her own way, without sharing her style with others.

So if you want to avoid a dispute, a custom gold ring for women will serve the best. It will be totally different, classy, and attractive. Mostly, it will be one of a kind.

How Much A Custom Ring Costs

When buying a custom gold ring for women, every little detail adds in the cost. The material, the size, weight, type of stone, design, and shape of the ring also. All are equally considered when calculating the price. So are you wondering how much it costs? A quality custom gold ring for women will cost a minimum of $1000 to the maximum range calculated in six digits and more.

Difference Between Custom And Customized Ring

You must also know that there is a difference between custom and customized jewelry, many stores claim that they provide custom rings, but what they actually do is that they make changes to an already existing design. So it looks different and also customized.

Custom rings are entirely designed from scratch. It means that your desired ring will first be drawn on a paper when the sketch is approved then the real work starts. It is all tailored upon the customer’s choice and reflect the one-of-a-kind design. Every custom ring is 100% original and genuine.

Other than diamonds, you can also get gemstones fitting in your ring like sapphire, rubies, and emeralds. Some have the option of embossing, either it be your name, any symbol, or quotation.

Things to consider before getting a custom ring

Custom rings are non-refundable, you can get some alterations, but once your choice has a design, you have to collect it. So before getting a custom ring, make sure you are confirmed about what you are buying. Here are some additional tips.

  • Get a sketch done by professionals.
  • It would be great if you discuss the design to the woman you want to gift this ring.
  • Look around on what is trending, don’t go out of fashion.
  • Better to take an advice from the jeweler as well.
  • Get an imitation first if you are concerned about the original piece.
  • Make your budget flexible if you don’t want to compromise on quality.

Here at The Private Room we give you the opportunity to design your own gold ring for women, while having our professionals advising you about the difference between materials, trends and design popularity.