Gold Diamond Earrings: Things to consider when choosing diamonds

A Guide To Buy Gold Diamond Earrings

Diamonds are the eternal obsession of every woman. Not a single lady can turn down the offer of diamond jewelry. But it is also a fact that women are picky. So choosing a wrong diamond accessory can get her anger. To avoid the conflict and save you from misery, here is the purchasing guide for you to select the perfect gold diamond earrings.

To Determine The Originality

Real diamonds have an identical substitute, known as Cubic Zirconia. It is massively used in place of the diamond. It is so much similar to the original one that an untrained eye cannot catch the difference between the real diamond and Cubic Zirconia. It may look similar but it is not. The original one shines forever while CZ’s shine reduces over the period of time. That is why it is much cheaper. So why buying jewelry, make sure you are getting the real one.

Shape Of The Diamond

The round-shaped diamond is what we commonly see but there are a variety of shapes in the stores available. Oval, Pear, Heart, Princess, Marquise, Brilliant, Emerald, Trillion, Baguette and Cushion are other more unique shapes that look amazing in your gold diamond earrings.

Choose The Carat Weight

For diamonds, the standard unit of weight is the carat. While choosing your perfect earrings, it would be better to know about the carat weight since it affects the price.

Consider The Clarity

Another most important factor to consider is the clarity of the diamond. The clearest and flawless diamond possesses the outclass shine. While the diamond with inclusions has a reduced sparkle and comparatively low in cost. But it does not give the eye-catching look to your earrings. Diamonds are also categorized into grades due to their clarity. These grades are;

  • FL: Flawless
  • IF: Internally Flawless
  • VVS1, VVS2: Very Very Slightly Included
  • VS1, VS2: Very Slightly Included
  • SI1, SI2, SI3: Slightly Included
  • I1, I2, I3: Included

Look For The Perfect Cut

Inquire about the diamond cut whenever you are purchasing jewelry. The grade if the cut makes a visible difference in the shine of your earpiece. The blazing look of yours will catch the attention of every person in the room. A perfectly cut diamond brings out the beauty of the rough crystal. A brilliantly cut crystal possesses 58 angled flat surfaces. The ideal cut should not be too shallow either too deep. It must be balanced and carefully carves into correct angles.

Selection Of The Right Color

We have talked about shapes, sizes, originality, and cuts. But there is one more factor that is considered important and determines the price of the diamond. It is the color of the diamond. There is no doubt that colorless diamonds are the most desirable, and they shine the brightest among all. So when you are adding a piece of diamond jewelry to your cart, make sure that its price matches the quality they are offering. The colors of the diamonds are scaled within the range from D to Z. the more colorless the diamond is, the higher its price will be. Other than yellow and brown, they are available in blue, green, pink, orange, and red as well which is the rarest of all.

Now, as you know the foolproof secrets to getting the perfect gold diamond earrings, Buy your favorite earrings confidently.