When Jewelry meets art

Last month, we had the opportunity to collaborate with a young Belgian artist named Elie Szpilman. As two art lovers, bringing two different worlds together has always been a true ambition for us. The talented young adult stunned us with his creativity and natural talent for art. Moreover, this collaboration has made us realize that although both industries are quite diverse, its similarities are much stronger than we originally thought. We were able to share and exchange crucial knowledge about both industries. Besides passion, we have another strong connection with the artist. Both Elie and we were born and raised in Belgium and made Aliyah to make Israel our new beloved home.

Elie’s art was exhibited in our shop for a period of a month and was sold on an interactive auction platform. The beauty of this project is the message behind it. Elie decided to give a very large amount of his revenue to Schneider Children Hospital.